Chopcast — Chop long videos into tons of social media content with ease

Hi, there Content Marketers & Makers!

I’d like to introduce you to chopcast, a simple content repurposing platform.

chopcast makes it easy for you to create hundreds of high-quality videos for your social media from any long-form video, like a podcast recording or a webinar for example.

Just upload a video, and our system will analyze its contents and generate clips based on the topics mentioned in the video. Do your final edits, click export, and you’re done. You just got a full month worth of content for your content calendar.

Why chopcast?

Chopcast was built because we believe marketers have more ideas than they have time, and as marketers ourselves, we understood how tough it is to balance ambition with available resources. We wanted to make it easier for them to multiply their content efforts by easily repurposing their content into multitudes of clips across all social networks to drive more bite-size, meaningful conversations with the people that most need to hear from their brands.

Here’s more about the features.

Clip resizing

No one creates content for your discerning audience quite like you can. Shorten or extend your clips down to perfection.

Instant, automatic subtitling

Get auto-generated subtitles that instantly update in real-time as you resize your clips. Our subtitles currently hold an accuracy of 93%, making reviewing them a breeze. No additional humans or tools needed to supercharge your show. Click to edit them to perfection in any section.

One-click aspect ratios

It’s never been easier to repurpose your videos into square, horizontal, and vertical formats to suit all popular social media formats. Everything else adjusts in the background.

Intros, outros and branding

Add your branding to your repurposed videos once, and watch it get adjusted across different formats. You can also easily upload your own intro and outro cards to grab attention and stand out from the masses. Discuss it with our team today!

Product Hunt Bonus

We’re happy to give back to the community for the support so we are giving an extra 60 video upload minutes to you.

Just send us a message through our website’s chat and cite code PH60M*, and our team will upgrade your account with the extra video upload minutes.

*(single use only)

Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback!

– Lubomir Fotev




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