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Hey everyone ????????

I’m really excited to share Namejax Brand Marketplace with you.

This is a side project I’ve been working on for a few months now. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a domain hoarder (and I know I’m not alone ????).

How could I add more value to my unused domain names? What are people actually looking for when buying a domain name?

???? What if I could bundle my unused domain names with the matching social media profiles…

So I came up with the concept of a “Brand Bundle”

I realised that there are many other people that have unused brand bundles that could be reused.
And many makers, startups, products etc. looking for a consistent brand across all channels.

So… let’s recycle the brands… ♻️

Why I created this?

???? Have you ever found the perfect domain name, just to realise the Twitter or Instagram handles are already taken?

???? Are you struggling to come up with an original brand name?

???? The Namejax Brand Marketplace solves this for you!

Who is this for?

???? Namejax offers innovative Brand Bundles for makers, indie hackers, startups, entrepreneurs.

???? Find the brand for your next product and launch with a consistent name across all channels.

What is Namejax?

✅ Namejax offers curated, pre-registered, hand selected domain name and social media bundles for your next product.

✅ Get the domain and all the accounts for your brand in one go!

???? Do you have an unused brand that you want to sell? List it on the Namejax Brand Marketplace

What’s next?

???? This is just the first version of the marketplace and there are already 12 brands listed, and more are coming.

⭐️ The next batch will be added on 1 June

???? To keep up with releases of new Brand Bundles you can register on the website or follow Namejax on Twitter @namejax

All the Brand Bundles on Namejax is 20% off for the whole launch week!!

???? I’d love to hear your feedback!. I’ll be here all day, but can also be reached on Twitter @bruce_v3

(P.S. It’s my first launch!)

– Bruce Mclachlan




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