Odown — Simple and reliable uptime monitoring service

Hey everyone! ????

I’m super excited to release my first ???? SaaS product ever! ????????????

Odown is a very simple and reliable uptime monitoring service designed for small to medium-sized startups for basic site monitoring, in a clean, easy-to-use web app

Here’s a list of the most used features that will help you ensure a 100% uptime for your websites and APIs:
✅ Api Monitoring : Response time , Uptime , HTTP Breakdown and Apdex / for each available region
???? SSL monitoring: Simple but effective, you will receive alerts before your SSL certificate (HTTPS) expires!
???? Unlimited Channels : Email , SMS , Slack & Webhooks
???? Multiple location worldwide to ping your websites & Api from
✅ Public Status pages: Demo: https://status.odown.io

I tried hard to keep it really cheap made a special 20% discount for you guys using the coupon code ✨ PRODUCTHUNT20

This is the very first version and iteration of the product and I’ll be continuing to add new features and improving reporting, happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

Thanks in advance for checking out Odown

– Omar Ben.




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