PurePhotos Background Remover — Remove any background from your photos automatically

PurePhotos is an amazing design tool to have in the kit bag. The background remover works like magic. Just upload images that need the backgrounds removed and hit go. You will get back neatly clipped transparent files.

This works perfectly for

⚡ School photos – Incorporate Pure Photos into your school photography business.
⚡ College photos – Save your time and process all graduation photos at once.
⚡ Sports – Pure Photos can understand that you are holding an object in your hands and will leave it with you.

Some of the interesting features of the tool are:

???? Face recognition – Find persons on your photos and align their heads to be on the same levels across the whole batch.
???? Color recovery – Ability to correct exposure and colors automatically for you.
???? Noise removal – Detect noise and remove it automatically.
???? PSD layers – Generate a layered image for you in Adobe Photoshop Document file format.
???? Elimination of defects – Hide any imperfections from your photo. Get rid of pimples, freckles, and spots automatically.

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– Bikash Kampo




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