QR Code Ninja — Pandemic proof digital menus for restaurants

Hi Product Hunters. I built this digital menu creator that generates QR code for restaurant owners.

???? Problem
Covid made restaurants create these digital menus with QR codes that customers can scan to view their menus. I’m sure that this is pretty annoying for restaurant owners that have to spend more money on hiring someone to make this happen. Small restaurants might not even bother spending the money on it.

⚒ Solution
A simple CRUD app that allows users to create digital menus for their restaurants. Users can create their menu and each menu get two QR codes, one private one for the restaurant owner to access if he/she ever wants to make changes to his/her menu, and second set of QR codes for customers to view the menu.

The user can print out these QR codes and stick them on their tables.

???? Status
This is a pretty crude MVP. It took me a few hours to put it together. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

– Chris Jeon




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