ReverbRap 2.0 — Vibe out to visual slowed reverb Rap, Hiphop & RnB

Hey Y’all!

I’ve been working for about a year improving on ReverbRap! I originally launched it as a quarantine project in May 2020 w/ inspiration from ForeignRap. I’ve completed a full redesign + new features I wanted to include that did not make it on the first attempt.

What’s New in 2.0 ????:

• Queue Preview + Shuffling ???? – Preview the next track up to 3 tracks at a time and shuffle for 3 new ones!

• User Accounts + Lists ???? – Quickly sign up/login with your phone number and 6 digit pin to +/- tracks to a personalized list!

• Filter Improvements ???? – Clear all selected artists from the current filter (instead of unselecting each one.)

• Human Readable Track URLs ???? – Implemented human readable track links & better social links that include track info + thumbnails!

• ???? Added over 60 artists and hundreds of new tracks!

• ????????‍???? Other performance and mobile responsive enhancements!

What’s Next? ????

• I want to build a TvOS version since ReverbRap looks beautiful on the big screen when I airplay it! ????


Join the Discord server to request more artists or specific tracks! If you’d like to help manage or contribute to the app you can message me there as well.

Special thanks to @azizfirat for the feedback that went into relaunching 1.0 & launching 2.0!

Please Enjoy!

– kareem ????




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