Robolly — Auto‑personalize your open graph, social posts & more

Hi, all!

I’m excited to showcase Robolly here on Product Hunt after 3 months of work.

Robolly is a service that helps you personalize images on-demand. It combines a graphic editor, and an HTTP GET endpoint that makes it possible, for example, to insert dynamic text into an image. The render endpoint returns a customized image directly so that you can use it in places like <img> element’s path.

With Robolly, you can automate creating personalized images for social media, emails, open graphs, banners, vouchers, ads, certificates, and more.

Kristýna and I decided to build Robolly out of spontaneity. We’re both very passionate about design, and we plan to leverage Robolly’s dynamic images inside of Sidemail (our main product). Also, it’s fun creating products from the ground up.

I’m happy to answer your questions!

PS: Just for early birds, we prepared a limited amount of lifetime deals so you can grab Robolly for just a single discounted price instead of a subscription.


– Patrik Krupar




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