Unattach — Free up your Google storage by removing Gmail attachments

Hello ProductHunt!

I have a full-time job, but love building productivity tools in my spare time. Some time ago, my dad told me that his Gmail account was full and asked whether I could help. I built a simple app for him, and later decided to turn it into a product.

Unattach is a simple desktop app for downloading and optionally removing Gmail attachments from many emails at once. You can use it to free up your Google storage, which is shared between Gmail, Photos and other Google apps. For many, using Unattach is cheaper than buying more Google storage.

Major Features:
– Works on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.
– Verified by Google to comply with all the required data handling and privacy rules.
– Easily find original email based on downloaded attachment, and vice versa.
– Shared source, so you can modify it for personal use or contribute.
– Backup whole emails, run at regular intervals, custom filename scheme, and more!

???? I would love to get your feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions!

– Rok Strniša




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