Varnan — Byte sized Indian short stories for kids

Namaste ProductHunters! ????

I am Priyal, an 18-year-old student. I am so excited to finally share my first product, Varnan, with you all. ????

When I was a child, my grandma told me stories about brave men and women, mysterious mythological characters, fiercely loyal animals.

As I grew up, we moved away and now there is no one to tell these stories to my younger sister. I realized that lots of kids are missing out on centuries of compounded wisdom embedded within these stories. Stories based on Indian history, culture, & heritage. That’s when I started working on Varnan.

So, what is Varnan?

???? Varnan is like your favorite tale-telling grandparent.

???? Once you subscribe, we will send you 1 story every day from India’s rich culture and heritage, straight to your inbox!

???? Every story is short, captivating, inspiring, and filled with eternal wisdom.

Are Varnan stories only meant for kids?

???? Of course not! These stories are easy enough for young kids to understand and entertaining enough to keep even adults captivated.

Is Varnan only for Indian parents?

???? Of course not! Yes, these stories are Indian, but the wisdom and message that each story carries are universal.

Which subscription plans are available?

???? One month free – Get one story every week, for one month.

???? Monthly- Get one story every day, on all weekdays, for just $2 per month!

???? Yearly- Get one story on all weekdays, for one year at just $20!

I want to keep this centuries-old Indian wisdom alive. I strongly believe that if we don’t pass this knowledge and wisdom to the next generation, it will not be long before we lose most of it. ????

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do! Looking forward to your support, and feedback!

– Priyal




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