Voice Gengo — A Language app to practice speaking Japanese and English

Hi guys, I created a new Japanese/English community voice app to help with pronunciation in Japanese or English! Often times I found myself wanting to practice my Japanese 発音 but didn’t have any readily available resources. I would either have to pay for a tutoring lesson or have a full out language conversation exchange speaking in both Japanese and English. I made this app so you can record yourself speaking some text in Japanese or English and then posting it for corrections. This way you can be a little more efficient in practicing your pronunciation! However, it is a community app so it only works if you help Japanese people practicing English also and vice versa.

Anyways, the app is completely free and I listed the link below! Let me know what you think! Please note that the app is still really new and there aren’t many users yet.


tldr: Created a community voice app for Japanese/English language exchange. Mainly used to practice pronunciation but has other features as well.

– Neko Cat




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