Breakout Clips — Create high-performing video ads in just 3 clicks

Breakout has “pattern-interrupt” technology baked into it so that you’re able to avoid banner blindness and stand out from the crowd on any social platform (for a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales).

These world-first 3D video posts are now accessible to every single marketer without needing to custom code, edit or outsource 3D animation.

But it gets even better – because once you have your prospect’s attention, the post they see inside your 3D video can be customized 100% to display the exact product or service you are selling.

You can use the video ads to:

???? Grow your audience
???? Increase engagement
???? Launch a product/service
???? Advertise a new deal/sale (put a coupon inside your post template)
???? Advertise an event
???? Promote special occasion deals (Black Friday, Valentines Day, etc)
???? Advertise a new item on your menu

It’s like free advertising once you have your prospects’ attention.

– Deepak K




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