ChoiZY — Career guidance with artificial intelligence

Hi, Product Hunt Community!????

We are really happy to introduce our app – ChoiZY!???? For those of you, who don’t know us yet, I’ll introduce ourselves – we are career guidance startup!???? But… We hate modern career guidance, as it is the same as was hundred years ago and as it doesn’t help people properly????

We are here to change the whole career guidance system! No more useless career guidance tests and career counselling❌ It is impossible for anyone in the world to know everything about hundreds of careers!???? That’s why you’ll get all the information about 400+ careers only from professionals and you’ll be lead through the learning path with the AI assistance????

How does ChoiZY work:

1) Download the app
2) Our AI identifies your personal interests
3) Watch every day short videos about different careers
4) Rate them
5) Receive a career report with your ideal profession!

ChoiZY perfectly suits schoolchildren, students and young professionals, who want to change a career????

You can study for free with limited access to all the features of the app, but for PH Community we have a perfect offer: Try any of our subscriptions with 25% discount for annually subscription!????

Feedback welcome!????

– Oleksandr Pavlenko




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