Forma — No-Code platform to build customised worfklows

Hi Everyone!

I’m Elston, co-founder of forma. We built forma to empower non-technical individuals to build their own workflows and business processes with an intuitive, no-code approach.

The idea of forma was born when I was working on my previous startup, where we had subscribed to various platforms to help us manage e-leaves, employee onboarding, claims etc. We realised most of these subscription services charged us on a per-user basis, and the costs exponentially grew as our team size grew. Additionally, we did not have the flexibility to create our own custom scenarios based on our needs, or build our own processes without having to involve developers or paying more. As I spoke to more startup founders, the pain point became clearer.

Forma was born of the realisation that all business processes essentially are workflows with a few triggers, conditions, and outcomes. What we needed was ONE platform that could help us create our own workflows to digitise and automate our business, and we needed to empower our non-technical staff to be able to do it.

To help you get started, we have templates that you can import and customise according to your needs. We are currently completely FREE (have not turned on our pricing model yet), and we are constantly working on improving our platform.

Do check us out~

– Elston Yee




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