harbor — The all-in-one emergency app & SOS response

Hey there! We’re on a mission to build stronger and safer communities through information sharing, emergency planning, and actionable alerts.

About harbor:
harbor is a free platform that makes emergency preparedness quick, easy, personalized, and fun. We look at individual household information and create custom preparedness plans and expert emergency guides that sync seamlessly across family members’ devices. What’s even better is we have a suite of features that help during emergencies, such as an SOS button that leverages ADT’s nationwide network to provide a “super 911.”

Our team:
We were recently Apple’s App of the Day, and were just honored as one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas of 2021. Proven builders, CEO Dan Kessler was a former Headspace executive, and CTO Eduardo Fonsecawas formerly the CTO for GoodRX.

Problem We’re Trying to Solve:
Disasters are continuing to increase in both frequency and severity across the U.S. According to FEMA, 2021 is already primed to be another record-breaking year for wildfires and hurricanes. A vast majority of Americans are not prepared for these approaching threats and don’t know where to turn once disaster strikes.

Additionally, accurate information is usually scattered across many channels and buried under false stories – from weather stations, to social media, to family group chats.

To accomplish our mission, we need a more efficient way to communicate with local emergency managers and the greater local communities to encourage proactive preparedness and resilience.

– Christina C




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