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As an entrepreneur running several companies, one of the chores I have had to deal with is dealing with my accountant. At the end of the month she always wants to get my receipts to match against credit card records for the accounting. Every time I go around my email inboxes looking for the transactions and sorting through everything. It is a total hell to deal with and a total time waster.

At UniDoc we develop libraries for Go libraries and one of libraries is UniPDF where we have been developing PDF document extraction. We have often been asked for tools to extract information for PDFs and we have developed rich capability for extracting text, tables, images, fonts and other stuff from PDF files.

Sometime around September 2020 my accountant was working on our Annual Report and we got a long list of transactions for which we needed receipts. We had been working on UniPDF extraction for a client at that time. This spawned the idea. Why deal with this headache? Why not create software that automatically identifies receipts in emails and brings the information to a central database. – InvoiceDB was born.

We are currently developing the prototype and we ask you to join us on our journey and sign up. First 50 people will get Early Access to our Beta launch this Fall.

– Gunnsteinn Hall




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