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We built Ivy because we were frustrated with how difficult it is to find new podcast content about a particular topic or see when a great guest appears on other podcasts. Ivy allows listeners to follow over a million topics the same way they follow podcasts on other services. Ivy automatically identifies both topics and people from a podcast RSS feed using AI.

There is an incredibly rich graph of interconnected people and topics surrounding podcasts. Ivy is on a mission to connect the dots between podcasts and understand the concepts discussed in each podcast. We want to improve your listening experience and help you unearth even more great podcast content.

We are also able to surface trending topics very quickly, allowing listeners to discover even more content.

Please visit ivy.fm and let us know what you think of what we have built. We are brand new and really want your feedback on how to improve the site.

Thank you!

– Lindsey McPheeters




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