Krate — Social app to rate and find music, Letterboxd for music

Hey Product Hunt Community,

We created Krate because we wanted a social networking app to review and discover music. There are social apps for rating and discovering movies and books but there is not currently a great option when it comes to music. Krate is this app.

A social app centered on music allows us to actively engage with music we’re listening to as well as find new music. We all get stuck in our own personal algorithm on Spotify where we get the same music suggestions. With Krate, we can see what music our friends recommend. This allows us to break free of personal algorithms and discover music we may never hear otherwise.

For this reason we created the My Krate feature. It is a list of things you want to listen to. If a friend posts a music release that seems interesting, add it to My Krate and listen later. Don’t know what to listen to? Check out your Krate and try something new. Krate DOES NOT show everything you listen to, only what you choose to post.

How to get started

– Download Krate: Rate Music in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
– In order to use Krate, you must at the bare minimum create a Krate account. If you want to start rating, reviewing and posting your reviews you will need to connect a Spotify account.
– Once you’ve connected Spotify, go to the rate page and rate what you are listening to.
– Click the K-Hole (globe image) in the top right to see the latest reviews. You can also see what is trending today, this week and this month.
– Use the discover tab to see ‘suggested users’ to follow or search for your favorite artists and find reviews.
– Add music you would like to listen to in the future to my Krate.
– One of the best ways to use Krate is to reach out to friends and get them on the app.

Thanks for checking us out and let us know what you think!

– Ian Logan




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