Newsletters to Kindle — Automatically send your newsletters to your Kindle

Hey Product Hunt! Thrilled to be here ????

We’ve built Newsletters to Kindle to let you read your newsletters on your Kindle.

Ryan and myself are both avid readers of newsletters like Stratechery, Not Boring, Lenny’s newsletters, the Hustle and many others.

Some reasons we prefer reading newsletters on our Kindle:

– There’s no notifications or distractions
– There’s no blue light, so it’s healthy to read in the evening and won’t ruin our sleep
– We can read on our own schedule rather than when we open the email in our inbox

Newsletter to Kindle is simple and quick to get started! Create an account and connect your Kindle in under 2 minutes, then choose which newsletters you want to receive and voilà! That’s it.

Head to our website to try it for free:

Special offer for any of you signing up and upgrading to a paid plan today: you’ll get 50% off your first 3 months. Use the code LAUNCH21 at checkout

Looking forward to your feedback!

– Jonathan Parisot




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