Pomodoro Planner — An app to manage your tasks using the Pomodoro technique

Initially, I’ve released this mix of todo list & pomodoro timer to learn Swift & SwiftUI as well as using the pomodoro technique more often.
But due to the fact that some goals are very similar for more people, I came up with the idea to create several ready-made plans.
To inspire users to achieve long-term or difficult goals, I have also added motivational quotes to this app.

Briefly about the pomodoro technique:
* the technique uses a timer to break the working time (pomodoro) into intervals (~25 minutes),
* pomodoros are separated by short breaks (~5 minutes),
* after a few pomodoros you need to take a long break (~15 minutes).
During the pomodoro, you shouldn’t be distracted or change the task.
But the exact duration and number of pomodoros before a long break are configurable.

The basic idea of this time management method is that people work more efficiently when they only do one task at a time and don’t forget to rest, than when they try to solve all the problems at once, constantly interrupting to switch between processes.

If you have any questions, feedback, ideas or problems don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail at lil.lilyok@gmail.com (just please include “Pomodoro Planner” in the subject line)

– Liliia Ivanova




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