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???? all Ajit here, cofounder Avidia Labs Ed-tech company with the motive makes learning immersive. (www.avidialabs.com)

QwikXR is an innovative and interactive platform designed for kids to understand the power of coding with real 3D technology.
We have launched our beta and today I am very excited to share this learning platform via product hunt. ????for taking your time and checking out. We are surely looking forward to amazing feedback which may enhance our platform and give a unique customer experience.

???? Problem

Gamification and other learning by doing approaches are already introduced in the learning but one thing which is still missed out or not tapped is that we are still not able to connect the concept with the kid’s learning psychology. Still a level of immersion or interaction is missing where kid’s may bring their innovation or creation into life.

????️ Solution

Provides the toolkit where kid’s may generate their own immersive solution based on the concept which they are reading or doing in the classroom. QwikXR provides an easy drag drop interface where kid’s can create interactive stories, games, simulation & quizzes. Concepts like ancient battle scenes, chemical bonds, virtual tours, physics and other subject related concepts can be created and published on mobile (android/iOS), smart TV, AR Glasses and any other display devices.

In qwikXR you may do following:

✓  Teachers can create their assignment in 3D
✓ Students can login and complete the assignment.
✓  Teachers can rate student assignments
.✓ Make the simulation in 3D/AR/VR/MR based on the assignment requirement.
✓ Any Course can be teached, history, geography science maths etc.
✓ 3D editor where you may using the drag drop functionality
✓ Share your experience with others using the embedded links/scan qrcode/hyperlinks.
✓ Parents can get the study material form our platform using the individual plans.
✓ Organizations can use the bulk licence functionality to distribute to their students.
✓ 3D Models, Images, Text Engine, Images (360 and 2D), Video (360 and 2D, Sounds), predefined templates, Particle system in the editor mode support.✓ Block coding editor where kid’s can code and run their creations.✓ Scripting editor using JavaScript and python to make stories.
✓ Multiple scenes functionality and navigation.✓ 3D Models property adjuster with the gizmo like rotate translate and scale.✓ Support of both marker AR and markerless AR
✓ Physics engine support to make simulation realistic.✓ Labels/Info spot/Hot spot support.
✓ LMS integration to track the student progress and add/remove students in the class.
✓ COPPA policy enabled student login mechanism.

QwikXR may be used in the following scenarios:

⇢ Want to depict ancient battle scene in history make your history engaging
⇢ Create your own chemistry atoms/compounds/mixtures and see the reactions
⇢ Learn about the force momentum acceleration & see how the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy in roller coaster and learn about graphs
⇢ Make you maths session interactive and engaging using the hour of code mechanism of the qwikXR.
⇢ Use the text to speech API to create some vernacular which even support the local languages.
⇢ Create your own game/quizzes/hour of code session.
The website includes both the paid and free content. 

???? Freemium Plan

1. Parents

They can only explore the free play and kid’s can create and explore the 3D world using our 3D editor. With this the kid is entitled to publish only one simulation on mobile/desktop/smartTV/ar glasses.
2. Teacher

Here the teacher may create only one class and one assignment for the selected 30 students. Teachers have full freedom to add or remove the student in this class during this process.
3. Student

Student can join the organization using the class code supplied by the teacher(s)

???? Paid Plans

You can visit https://qwikxr.com/pricing to explore the paid plans.

The platform is created to spark the creative and inquisitive side of the student, if you don’t believe me please do checkout our product  https://qwikxr.com/.
You can use the platform to groom your kid with interactive coding using either script or block coding and bring life to your creations. Again thanks for taking time and looking at our product! We would love to hear your feedback, comments and stories about what you think.

– Ajit Kohir




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