Skiin Smart Clothing (Beta) — Decentralizing healthcare with smart clothing

Hey PH,

I’m Michael, the Social Media & Content Strategist at Myant.

Skiin began with Tony (our founder & CEO) and his love for his father. With his father’s worsening dementia, Tony realized a nursing home could give him the care he needed.

However, being separated by both distance and physical/cognitive ability made it difficult to connect with and care for his father. How do you stay connected when you’re so far apart?

Many of us can relate; during the pandemic, people around the world have felt detached and isolated from those we love. This is especially true for those who are chronically ill, part of the aging population, or are part of other marginalized members of society.

Tony believed that a platform capturing continuous, bi-directional biometric data could better connect him and his father. The ability to quickly access his biometrics, activity level, and location data would open a window into his father’s well-being.

But he also realized such a system could also help decentralize healthcare by lowering the barrier of entry for those often left behind in our current system.

Remote monitoring through connected clothing could remove many of the challenges that come with the traditional healthcare system. One of the largest—physical distance—could be negated with remote, continuous monitoring, allowing anyone to connect to the best practitioners with a wealth of historical data.

But Tony couldn’t find a solution that met his vision. Instead, he built a multidisciplinary team that could build one. 11 years of research, design, and development later, Skiin is finally here!

Skiin Innerwear is a collection of garments that continuously collect a person’s biometrics through sensors woven into the band (starting with underwear, with other form factors coming soon).

With the discrete Skiin Pod inserted into the waistband and connected to the Skiin App (iOS and Android), both you and your loved one can review their metrics, including heart rate, activity, core body temperature, and location—all within the app.

Get Skiin for Free
We’d like to share that our Open Beta Early Access Program (EAP) is now available. If you and/or a loved one qualify, you can get Skiin at no cost (a $500 value).

Please visit to learn more and apply—we don’t have too many openings left and we’re ending applications after May 31st.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts to share or any questions about Skiin or the future of Textile Computing and healthcare!

– Michael Brooks




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