Treeferral — Tree planting referral program

Hi everyone! ????

I’m the creator of Treeferral, I’ve been working on this side project for a few months now, and I thought it was about time to get it live on Product Hunt. A friend and I originally started this as a little side project during the Berlin lockdown to help people to continue to take climate action while stuck at home (even if it was something as small as planting a tree).

We’ve since planted 20,000+ trees ???? together with all our amazing users who plant with us. Little did we think we’d plant 100 trees, let alone thousands. But here we are.

And so to take it to the next level, it was decided that we needed a tree planting goal. That goal is — 1,000,000 trees planted (it just felt like a good number) and so that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

The aim is in the name. The whole concept of Treeferral is that it’s one awesome little tree planting referral program for trees.

Sign up and plant trees each month (or year), starting at $1 buck per tree. ????

Refer people to plant trees and you’ll earn 40% lifetime commission for as long as they’re planting. Plus, we’ll plant 10x trees for your referee to get them started.

It’s quite literally a triple win. Win for you, win for your friend, and of course a win for nature and the planet, woo! ???? ????

So come and join us by referring friends or planting yourself and help reach the 1 million trees planted. Let’s go!

– Liam Hänel




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