Unique Directory — Collateralized NFTs with ability to liquidate if no buyer!

Looking at current NFT space we saw a big barrier to entry for collectors and that is low liquidity, essentially if you buy an NFT that you like but at a later time need to sell it, there must be a buyer otherwise your NFT value is basically nothing.

We created Unique Directory to tackle this problem. When you buy a Uniquette (a.k.a NFT) your payment will be kept in Vault as collateral backing your Uniquette, and artists are paid by freshly minted UNQ tokens, which is designed to appreciate in time.

Visit our litepaper & docs to learn about how http://docs.unique.directory/

Currently we have launched on Rinkeby Testnet to gather feedback, so we’re all ears to hear your thoughts.

– Aram Alipoor




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