Dusk — Choose your tint with these app enabled smart sunglasses

Reid, here, co-founder of Ampere. We make fun, functional tech.

How many times have you left your house without a pair of sunglasses because it’s just not sunny enough…only to have the clouds magically disappear minutes later, and you’re left squinting your way through your walk/run/drive?

What if you could control the exact tint level of the lenses on your sunglasses? No two days are the same. So why should your sunglasses tint level always stay the same?

Meet Dusk — the world’s first app-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses.

???? Dusk glasses are premium wayfarer-style designer sunglasses with state-of-the-art tech subtly integrated into the frames. Unlike traditional transitional lenses (aka photochromic lenses) that react to light, Dusk’s lenses are electrochromic —giving you the control to select exactly the tint level you want, instantly. Use the Ampere app to set the exact tint level you want or select between preset tint levels directly on the frame. This is the same electrochromic technology that is used in the windows of the newest luxury cars.

???? Dusk also work like true wireless headphones. Discrete built-in speakers in both arms provide crystal clear audio and microphones allows you to make phone calls. They are even voice assistant-enabled for both Apple and Android devices so you can keep your hands free.

???? The wayfarer-style frame is timeless, and unlike other bulky audio frames on the market, Dusk’s arms are ultra-thin, making the tech almost impossible to detect from a distance. Premium polarized TAC lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. The frame is made from lightweight and durable TR-90 material that is soft-to-the-touch and a matte-black finish.

???? With 20 days of standby time and four hours of listening time Dusk are designed to go with you everywhere. If you need more power, upgrade to our rechargeable travel case that houses enough power to charge the Dusk over five times. They can charge 0-80% in just 15 minutes.

???? The charging case also comes with a dedicated space for an Apple AirTag, so, should you misplace them, you can track them down using the Find My App on your iPhone.

???? With summer on the way, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The app-controlled electrochromic lenses on Dusk will help protect your eyes and the lightweight, durable design will keep you wearing them all day, every day, from dawn until… Dusk!

???? As part of the Ampere Fun, Functional Product Hunt Community, we want to thank you for your support by giving you the biggest discount possible AND a free Sidekick — our new Tech Sling (worth $50) with a built-in soft pocket for your sunglasses. That’s over $200 in savings, but these discounts are only available in limited quantities and only for the first 48 hours of the campaign!

???? Check it out! https://dusk.ampere.shop/

– Reid Christopher Covington




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