Floppy disk for Slack — Store slack threads in Notion, Coda or Airtable

Hey everyone! @Pranavbadami and I are excited to share Floppy Disk – a slack app to save your favorite slack threads to Notion, Airtable or Coda with one click! ???? Retro themed

Valuable content gets lost in slack – floppy disk solves this by letting you store the entire contents of your favorite threads in a database of your choice for future reference.

Over the last few months, we have been working on Dots to help community managers scale their communities, and saving threads is one of the features. We started getting request from friends to have this ability to save threads in their own workspaces as well. As such, we created this standalone drop for anyone to take advantage of the ability to save threads!

Setup is super quick, and you can switch the database of choice from the settings later.

Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback.

PS: doesn’t support images yet!

– Sanket Chauhan




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