Images for Designers — 100+ handpicked resources for designers to get images

Hello makers!

Finally I am having my first product launch on Producthunt – Images for designers. ????????

I’m a self-taught designer who loves to explore new styles – illustration, animations, icons & so on. I have been working on dozens of design projects for the last couple of years. In my initial days, I used to spend a lot of time creating every design asset from scratch – not only I lost a ton of time but also lost many projects in the process.???? Even if I find few image sites, the images might not be compatible to use in the design software I use or the format I am looking for is not available.????

I then started creating a list of resources with every data point that I usually have as a question in my mind – the type of file, best used for, software compatibility, etc. ????‍????

After I finished the hunt of 100 websites in my design bucket, I thought why not help others too.

I created the list to help other designers save time and change your entire design ecosystem with so many ready-to-use images that come in all the design formats you need. I have spent 60+ hours working on it, so you can focus on the good things only.

You can use the list to:

???? Upgrade your design ecosystem with numerous ready to use images
???? Get a headstart on bringing your best design ideas and work to life
???? Start inspired with 1000s of images and quality content to choose from
???? Organize, create and save time on your designs
???? Save 60+ hours of research (and, confusion)
???? Never run out of design ideas again

Plus lots more!

Currently, the list contains:

⚡ Website name
⚡ Website URL
⚡ Subscription
⚡ Creative type
⚡ File type
⚡ Best for
⚡ Software support
⚡ Attribution
⚡ Ease of use
⚡ Editable format
⚡ Editable on website
⚡ Usage guide
⚡ Screenshot

???? By the end of Jul 2021, I will be adding other possible data points too, and hopefully, 100s more sites to the list.

And if you buy now, you will get all the future updates for free.

???????????? Launch Offer: $0 for first 100 orders.

Please let me know what you think and how I can make Images for designers even better.

And, please provide any feedback you have, it will be really helpful.

Thank you.

– Salini Pillai




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