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Hey everyone!

My name is Ethan & I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Path. We created Path because we were sick and tired of all the tedious research of trying to find the best spots either when traveling or in your local city (not the typical places you see on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.). We found ourselves constantly texting or emailing friends and family asking if they would be so kind to send their lists of recommendations.

It seemed odd there wasn’t an app that made it easy to share/receive lists of recommendations and more importantly, to just pull up a map with all of your aggregated friends’ travel recommendations in one place. The only spots you see on Path are recommended places from people you follow or others in the Path community – come join the party! ????

Path is a bit of a modern hybrid between Instagram and TripAdvisor. You can easily generate lists of recommendations by adding places from around the world and we will automatically organize them neatly in your profile by country/city lists along with awesome photos and put it on a map. It’s hands down the most intuitive and fun way to save all your favorite places so you never forget. Also, if a friend asks you for your recommendations you can just refer them to your Path profile!

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or ideas and we’d be happy to chat! ????

– Ethan Gromet




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