Afloat — Create beautiful invoices in 3 clicks, without mistakes

Hey hunters! ????

For the past 6 months, I have been building Afloat with my friend @abraxas_.
We are very excited to finally share it on Product Hunt!

I’ve been working as a freelancer for more than 10 years.
Invoicing and accounting has always made me feel frustrated and stressed.

Most of the systems I tried, use complicated forms, force me to use features I don’t need or have invoice designs that are terrible. There were lots of copy-pasting, repetition, and human error.

We wanted Afloat to be super easy to use with a big focus on the user experience.
A ​clean and calm space that reduces the stress around invoices, expenses, and accounting.

Afloat is smart and reactive. When possible, it suggests, autocompletes, and offers a preview of the content, so everything is one click away.

And yes, we put a lot of time and care into the invoice design 🙂

This is the tool we’ve always wanted.
You can finally focus on what really matters.


✨ Visual Invoice Editor
A truly WYSIWYG invoice editor that exports beautiful invoices in pdf, without surprises.

⚡️ Suggestions and Autocompletion
Afloat suggests and autocompletes your items, clients, currencies, tax percentages, layout designs, and many other details. Creating and exporting an invoice takes literally 3 clicks.

???? Expenses
Add your receipts in a second and keep track of what you’ve paid and what’s pending.

???? Tax Returns
Collecting invoices and receipts each tax season is super tedious and stressful.
Afloat fixes this with one button. Get a .zip containing all your income and expenses organized in folders, and automatically generated spreadsheets with all your information.
All you need to do is send it to your accountant and you’re done.

???? Templates
We are working on a bunch of beautiful templates for your invoices.
If you want us to include your design, contact us!


We have a lot of things planned for the future.
A public API and integrations with other systems like Stripe are coming soon.

We built Afloat from the ground up to be a robust and modular system that powers all the smart features, and allows us to iterate quickly.

We are releasing new features every week based on conversations with our users.
Thanks to them, we’ve translated our invoices into 8 languages and added custom tax labels.

Let’s build the future of Afloat together!

Create an account here:

We are super excited to hear what you think about Afloat.
Thanks for giving it a try!

– Magoz




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