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Creators and companies alike are increasingly understanding the strategic value of community to grow their audience or their business. But given the fragmented nature of communities today, it’s difficult for community builders to know what’s working and what’s not across all the channels they use.

Orbit gives you a complete view of your community, no matter where your members are engaging, and equips you with tools to proactively engage members and key segments. Orbit is like mission control for a community, unlocking new insights about who are the most active and influential members, which channels are most important, and where they can improve their community programs. The result is a better experience for community members as well as a deeper understanding of ROI for community builders and business leaders.

For individual contributors building community, it provides actionable insights into:
* who is new within their community and they should reach out to
* what community members are at risk of churn or have gone dormant
* who their champions are who should be nurtured and encouraged
* which users could become champions with the right support or recognition
* where to run events or which platforms to spend more time on
* which topics their community is interested in and they should produce content about

This extends to related functions too, flagging potential case studies for marketing, new potential leads for sales, potential new hires for talent teams, and who they can reach out to for product feedback.

For leadership, it enables them to know if their community strategy is working, where to focus their resources and what the impact of their community investments is having on their business.

– Li Jin




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