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Hunting excellent new books is like a hobby to me. I decided to share one of the books I recently found on helping Agile adoption.

One of the authors was my instructor and facilitator through my Agile coaching journey, and I can say that was one of my best professional experiences.

Why this book?

This guide is framework-independent and has been designed for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and any Agilist involved in Agile adoption. It teaches high-value coaching skills, step by step, from “coaching by objective” to managing mutually successful engagements.

– Leverage coaching to create aha moments that lead to real change
– Learn dozens of coaching techniques and more than a hundred powerful questions
– Help people uncover blind spots and assess their opportunities more clearly
– Offer your expertise while maintaining your coaching mindset
– Help people improve performance by connecting them with their values, goals, and strengths
– Blend professional coaching with group facilitation so both work better
– Become a great coach by making coaching a natural extension of who you are

Happy reading!

– Bogomil Shopov




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