SmartMe Profile — The neo-CV to show where you are headed, not what you did

Hey Product Hunters!
At PitchMe we are passionate about getting top talent in front of the leading tech companies across Europe. That’s why we launched the SmartMe profile, our industry-leading talent profiling solution that simplifies the job search process and gives you insights into your real skills.

???? The problem we are trying to solve
CVs are outdated and may lead to unconscious bias. Furthermore, today’s best candidates are those who are able to adjust quickly to changing demands of employers in non-linear ways that cannot be presented on a traditional resume. In such a shifting, dynamic job market, where reskilling and upskilling are fundamental, how can you represent your whole experience, skillset and learnings?

???? The Solution
SmartMe profile: a skills-based, holistic profile based on hard and soft skills, which showcases candidates’ true ability to excel in a job, while ensuring their cultural fit in a certain company.

Taking a data-driven approach to candidate profiling and enriching their information with secondary sources such as social media, portfolios and blogs, SmartMe allows for a more accurate match between a position and a candidate. With the SmartMe profile candidates only show their skills, not their gender, race or age, drastically reducing bias in the recruitment process.
Our SmartMe profile is also particularly beneficial for career-shifters, since it helps them to be considered based on their skillset and avoid being rejected as a part of initial screening due to their non-linear background.
All the data regarding digital traits is collected pending candidates’ permission and approval, and therefore in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

???? A SmartMe profile to rule them all: hiring, upskilling & reskilling
The SmartMe profile gives candidates valuable information on their skillset: our algorithm shows them not only the jobs they are perfect for, but also how they can develop their career by learning new skills, encouraging them to upskill and improve their employability. Adapting to a changing skills demand, especially after COVID, helps job seekers to navigate the volatility of job markets.

For employers, a candidate’s SmartMe profile instead of a CV in the recruitment process provides a better way to hire. SmartMe allows employers to transition towards a more skills-based, smarter way of hiring. This dramatically reduces hiring inequality by focusing directly on competencies instead of on bad proxies that disadvantage non-traditional candidates, like degrees, ‘prestigious’ experiences, and shared backgrounds.

– Dina Bayasanova




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