Undock Workspace Notion Template — Manage your professional & personal life with this template

Product Hunt Family,

If I ask you a question that to complete ten tasks in a specific time, you have two options. One is that you have to go to ten different places to complete each task, and the second option is that you can do all tasks in one place. What will you choose?

In this modern era, technology has become so advanced that we get multiple options on multiple platforms even to do basic tasks like writing notes. And switching to different places for different things was always a difficult task (Maybe that’s where the idea of SUPERMARKET came!) because while doing that switch, eventually knowingly or unknowingly we all leave some kind of task or work which can help us to add more meaning to our human life!

It could be anything for anyone for example One person could have a goal to save money for his dream car, another one may have a goal to read 10 books in a year or maybe someone just doesn’t want to forget buying groceries from the list which his/her Mumma has given with a line over it that “Don’t forget this time!”.

So we all have many tasks to do in our daily life for which we have to go to multiple platforms. And that’s what makes me think that we all need a balance in our life. A platform where we can manage everything whether it’s your work life, personal life, or goals that you want to achieve. We all should be able to manage multiple things on one single platform. And to solve this problem I have created UNDOCK 1.0

Undock 1.0 is a notion system, which not only helps you to manage your office work, finance, clients data but it also takes care of your daily routine, goals, important documents, Things you want to achieve in your life and the most important it will also help you to capture your thoughts and ideas all in one place! It will serve you as your second brain but with less complexity.

The features of Undock 1.0 are –

There are four different sections according to the design of work which we want to do.

: Four sections are divided into Notes, Work, Personal, and Life.
In which there are subsections to organize things more clearly.

: There is a customer relations manager to handle your office work.

: Finance system will help you to track your expenses and manage your money in a better way.

: There is a personal section to add your favorite books, your grocery list, your vault details to your journal.

: It’ll also help you to track down your health details.

So while doing things to earn your bread and butter, don’t forget that you were not made to eat just bread and butter. Add meaning to your life by managing it the way it was meant to be.
Hope you all will like it!

– Sidharth negi




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