Workee — All-in box solution for running a private coaching business

Hello ProductHunt people! My name is Ihor. I am a co-founder and CEO at Workee????‍♂️

The pandemic that started last year forced millions of people worldwide to work online. After days and months spent working from home, we see that people’s habits have changed, and almost 60% of people worldwide currently consider working remotely after COVID. Despite many remote work benefits, сoaches worldwide still struggle on how to start and run their businesses online. On average, they need to use 4-6 different tools from payments to video calls, from calendars to CRMs to run a professional business that reduces time for rest and fun. The gap between current solutions and market needs is huge. That is why we created Workee.

The main idea behind Workee is to simplify an online work experience. It is a platform where you can create your website, add information about yourself, and set available hours. Share your web page, get booked and paid for your time, and enjoy running your online business from the box without any need for extra downloads and sign-ups. Simple and fun. 🙂

Why will you like Workee?

???? Your personal website.

???? Simple online experience – more time for leisure.

⌘ Tool for end-to-end relationships with clients.


???? We have a special offer for the PH community! Get started from the PH link and receive 2 months of Workee Basic package for free! Just sign-up from the link here on ProductHunt and let us know a special promo code on

What tools are you currently using for running a consultation/coaching business online? How do you feel about Workee’s idea to keep main tools in one place for professionals for a better online experience? Let us know in the comments or in an email We are excited to hear back from you!

Warm greetings from our team, Ihor, Jevhen, and Artem. Let’s Workee-ing:)

– Ihor Bauman




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