A Best-in-Class iOS App — Master accessibility, design, user experience and iOS APIs

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My name is Jordan, and I’ve been developing iOS apps since iOS 4. I’ve had hits, misses and some in the middle of that spectrum. After creating a few apps with great ideas but with poor execution, I set out to learn how to design beautiful things that just worked on iOS. That led to my indie app Spend Stack, which had numerous App Store features, was promoted in Apple Stores on demo iPhones and iPads until finally getting acquired last December.

Since then, I’ve been working on this book based on my popular post about how to make best-in-class iOS apps (https://www.swiftjectivec.com/a-best-in-class-app/).

The book I’m writing covers the entire spectrum of iOS:

How do we make sure everyone can enjoy the apps we make?

You win or lose here, tactful design is more important than ever.

–User Experience–
It looks good, but how does it feel? Is it fun to use?

–iOS APIs–
The heart of the book, how do you really leverage the platform?

With over 90 chapters planned, this thing is huge. Since people wanted to get their hands on it early, I decided to ship a beta version of the book after a bit of nudging. So, here it is today with:

– 9 chapters good to go spanning over 14,000 words
– 20 code samples
– A code sample directory project along with the source code
– A private Discord server to chat with other devs, designers and more
– A 20% discount for beta buyers
– Most importantly – guaranteed content updates every other week until version 1 is completed

If you’re a designer, developer, new to the platform or can stand up a Core Data stack with your eyes closed – this book is for you. My vision is for it to be the evergreen document in the iOS space. A book that’s never out of date and changes along with the platform.

Thanks for checking it out!

– Jordan Morgan




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