MERN Template — Ready to use template for ScaleDynamics platform

Hi there Product Hunters ????

I’m Gilbert, CEO of the ScaleDynamics starship ????

We made this MERN template for you to ease with Full Stack coding. This open-source template is pre-configured for the ScaleDynamics HTTP-less Platform:

– You’ll have a command to develop with live-reload (frontend and backend at the same place)
– Another command to deploy dynamically, make it live on a URL.
– The Express.js part is managed automatically, which helps you focus on MongoDB, React, and Node parts ????

Git clone and install the template easily from our GitHub repository and please note that you’ll need a ScaleDynamics account to make it run. Sign up for a FREE developer plan and start testing it:

We’re here if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know what you think about the template ????

Thanks and have a great hunting day!

– Gilbert Cabillic




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