Notion Guitar Learning — Notion Template to Organize your chords and learning Guitar

Hey Product Hunt ???? , I am grateful for the support that all of you have been showing to our ‘Balance your Portfolio’ template and it makes me happy to know that the template was able to be a crucial starting point into letting most of you explore the world of Stocks and Shares !

But I digress, – Have you ever felt the urge to finally pick up that guitar that’s been collecting dust on your bedside and play tunes that you always loved to hum? Well say no more, because we’ve got you – ” The ‘Learning Guitar’ Template ” to give you that last push that’ll let you finally hone your guitar playing skills, from Prototion. ????

Nows the time to credit the creator of this amazing template, ???? and another maker of Prototion –

Prototion helps makers monetize ???? their Templates and provide them a fair chance at sharing their template with the world. If you want to be a maker in our community too, visit

I have a firm belief that this brilliant guitar learning and chord organization system will give you a jumpstart in managing your song learnings while also motivating you to write and practice your own songs. Who knows – you might just be serious about the music industry after all

Cheers! ???? ????

– Sarthak Sharma




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