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Hi everyone!

???? Like most of us, I am addicted to consuming online content! From YouTube videos, to podcasts to books and blogs, I consume content about different topics every single day.

???? Recently, it occurred to me that even though we consume so many different content every single day, we as human beings do a terrible job remembering or applying any of them in our practical life.

???? We take notes about different topics in various formats in different apps. But we never go back and revise them.

Research has shown that you need to go over your notes quite a few times before its actually consolidated in your memory. Otherwise, it just gets lost!

????That’s where I got the idea of creating an app where you can dump all your notes about different topics. The app automatically turns the notes into podcast episodes through our deep learning AI model. It also syncs with your favorite podcast player and automatically updates the episodes as you add or delete different notes.

????You can listen to these notes whenever and wherever at your convenience.

???? If you think the information is super valuable and you want to share it with the world, you can do so with the click of a button!!

Check the web app out here:

For any questions/concerns just message or email me.

????‍♂️ I am the solo developer in this product, so I know the feature set is not super extensive. But I am actively working on more and more features. Some of the ones that are coming up include:

– Save your notes as drafts before finalizing
– Choose from multiple different realistic voices
– Better organizing system for your notes
– Mobile app for the best listening experience

– Irtiza Hafiz




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