Worksuite Notion Template — All in one ultimate worksuite notion template

Product hunt Family,

I am Sidharth, working as a full time UI designer and a part time freelance product designer. I have a very hectic job in terms of time management. Most of my time goes into pulling out tasks (work related and personal), resource tracking, planning, handling clients , managing data, tracking project progress and keeping everyone in loop. I hardly focused on personal growth, fitness and spiritual well-being. So I thought of designing a system on top of a product – “Notion” which will help me save time, be more productive and most importantly help me maintain balance in life and work.

Worksuite is a notion template, designed to help an individual manage all important aspects of professional and personal life in a unified workspace.

If you are tired of integrating multiple templates from various creators for a long time to make your notion workflow work in your favour. Worksuite notion template will be the end of your search. It has all important management and tracking systems required for an individual on a day to day basis to save time, be more productive and most importantly maintain calm.

Product Philosophy

Yin and Yang: The ancient symbol of harmony reminds us life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace it duality. Worksuite design system focuses on its duality and balanced nature to help an individual maintain calm and stability throughout daily hustle.

There are 4 specific Areas:

Life: Section dedicated to general life objectives

Notes: Section dedicated to system that need constant track

Personal: Section dedicated to personal objectives of an individual

Work: Section dedicated to work management

However there is a shortcut section for quick access to certain pages.

It took 2 months to compile this notion template, I want to keep the product affordable to an individual. Share it with family and friends.

I am providing 20% off to product hunt users.

– Sidharth negi




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