Changelog Notifier — A Ruby gem to post your changelog to places like Slack.

Hi ProductHunt ! ????

A company where I was working was posting release notes into Slack but typing them manually at the end of a Capistrano deployment.
It was a painful process because all non alphanumeric characters was breaking it, and there were no formatting.
Also they are creating a record in the database to later translate it and display it on their app.

I wrote that gem in order to make it:
* easy to write since you do it from your favorite IDE
* completely automated, so seat back and relaxe
* formatted, making it much readable

One cool thing is that the gem follows the rules defined by so that it make easy for anyone to write the changelog.

If you don’t want to publish a part of the changelog, like very techy things, just place them in a category not listed on the website, and changelog-notifier will ignore them!

As of writing, the only entrypoint/trigger is Capistrano, but a command line one will come soon.
It will allow to trigger the gem from a CI/CD pipeline ????.

Please give it a try, and give me your feedback, I will be more than happy to get them!


– ZedTuX




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