Zero To PM — A handy eBook for aspiring product managers.

Hi Product Hunters ????,
My name is Akshay Deshmukh. I’m a software engineer turned product manager.

I’m excited to bring to you all my first ever ebook – Zero To PM : A handy guide for aspiring product managers.

Ten years ago, when I graduated from college into a software development job, product management was unheard of. The hottest jobs in the tech world around were those of Java developers, DOT NET developers, and System engineers.

Cut to today, product management has grown tremendously in importance in both start-up as well as the large enterprises, and is one of the most sought-after jobs in tech today. I was fortunate to transition from engineering to product management in 2016 and practice different disciplines of product management. Over the last couple of years, I have also helped a couple of people transition into product management from different functions like support, professional services, engineering, and QA.

Much of what I know today about product management is by trial and error, learning from experienced PMs and consuming PM-related content while hopping from one resource to another. To save my fellow product enthusiasts from this hassle, last year, I built Zero To PM – a curated library of product management resources grouped by key product management topics. After I launched Zero To PM, I made plenty of connections with product enthusiasts who wanted to break into the field of product management. Post my interaction with them, I realised while the role of a PM is highly coveted, it is a brutally difficult one to get into.

I wrote this book to provide aspiring product managers with a consolidated guide filled with the fundamental knowledge and practical, actionable tips to break into product management. In writing this book, I’ve tapped into my learnings as a product manager and my conversations with 50+ seasoned product managers and leaders about their experiences of landing a PM role.

This book contains –
– Fundamental product management knowledge and resources to build it further.
– Information about the necessary skills and how to develop the PM skill set.
– Practical tips on how to approach the different paths that lead to product management

If you are a product enthusiasts wanting to break into product management but does not have a clear picture of what the role encompasses and where to begin your journey, this ebook is for you 🙂

– AD




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