Burner Page — Validate ideas with burner pages in < 60 seconds

Hi! So this has been a super fun project to build – especially as it was my first time getting back into coding in more than a decade.

I previously founded Worth1000.com and Aviary.com and sold them both. After that I spent a few years as an executive in corporate America, but really missed my startup roots. I just love tinkering in my garage too much.

So I left a great job at the end of 2020 to figure out what’s next. I wasn’t sure what it would be, but had a few ideas I wanted to validate before I committed to one. [This process of validation testing with burner pages is one of the main contributors to my success with Aviary].

To test those potential business ideas, I would use Squarespace’s website builders to spin up fake pages with surveys attached, and then would take out Google ads against those pages to see what kind of conversion rate I could drive against those fake pages.

But as I did this for a few different ideas I realized how clunky of an experience tying all these services together was. I had to learn to layout pages in these builders, then learn how to run ad campaigns in Google Adwords, then setup and attach surveys and Google Analytics from to my pages, and finally, slice and dice the survey results in excel to compare them and make sure my audience data was clean….

Bottom line, this was a major process. I felt like there really was no great tool built specifically for this validation use case that focused on spinning up burner pages in an intuitive and fast way.

I decided to build this for myself as a simple learning project, but it turned out to be super useful for me and other early testers who played with it. So much so, that I decided that this was the startup I wanted to focus on!

The site is currently in beta and a lot more functionality will be rolled out in the next couple weeks – including e-commerce templates and more customization options. Please do share your feedback and let me know how you would use a tool like this.

– Avi Muchnick




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