Dime — Buy/sell crypto without fees and earn cashback on each trade

Hello, Product Hunters!

Thanks for checking out our page. I’m Chris, founding member of Dime , and I wanted to share a bit of background on Dime.

In 2017, I discovered that ransacking the depths of the crypto world for the best prices and lowest trading fees on various platforms in the United States is far too time-consuming. I also learned that the platforms with lower fees tend to have poor user experiences—and some have no crypto-wallet features at all. Almost all of them require long transfer times to fund, so I couldn’t even get started buying and selling crypto when I was ready to do just that. In other words: While trading crypto is becoming more popular, and the market is rife with digital products, there is little product differentiation. No single product has met all of my basic needs.

That’s around the time that I met Rex, ex-Uber engineer and avid crypto trader who shared my woes. Enter: Dime, the brainchild of two everyday retail traders who sought out to build a single space that’d offer the best global prices with no fees—on a simple platform that people like us would actually want to use.

Dime consistently performs, beating other exchanges with total transparency and instant trading access so you can keep atop market trends and navigate volatility every time. Plus, with a Dime Diamond upgrade, you will even earn cashback every time you buy and sell—so your money makes more money.

We hope you find just as much success with Dime as we have. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated! If you have any questions, you can ask us here or learn more at https://dime.trade/

– Chris Shen




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