Lunar 4 — Control all your monitors, even on M1

Hi everyone! (and M1 users)

Lunar 4 is here and it finally works on M1 Macs! You can control any monitor’s brightness and contrast from any Mac device.

You can also control the volume and switch the input of the monitor from Intel Macs (or M1 Macs using a Raspberry Pi controller).

It also brings a lot of improvements over Lunar 3:

• Auto-learning curve (when syncing monitors and one of them is a bit too dim or too bright, just adjust that monitor to the right brightness and Lunar will learn from that)
• FaceLight: Use your monitor as a really bright LED panel when you’re having video calls in your cozy dark room
• External light sensor support (for users that use Mac Minis or Macbooks with the lid closed)
• Minor things like “Hide menubar icon”, “Improved brightness/volume keys support”, “Command-line interface” and many more!

The app can be used in free mode forever with some limitations:
• Sync, Location and Sensor mode are not available
• Manual adjustments have a limit of 100 per day (an adjustment only counts after you have finished fiddling with the brightness/contrast, not on every key press)

Lunar Pro includes all of the above and the pricing is quite straightforward:

$23 (USD) or €20 (EUR) for a Lunar Pro license valid forever!

The license also includes 1 year of free updates.

After the year passes, users will have to pay again to get new updates, but they can use the old license forever on updates released before the year has passed.

– Alin Panaitiu




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