RagtimeCloud — Sync, backups and services for your Joplin notes

Hey Product Hunt!

I have been happily using Joplin notes (https://joplinapp.org) for a while now and have sorely missed having easy sync and advanced features that some of the other platforms (Evernote, Google Keep, etc) offer. As a professional yak shaver the only thing to do was to build my own, and SaaS it along the way.

Plans starting from $2/month (free for 14 days), with RagtimeCloud you can get no-hassle synchronization across all the platforms that Joplin runs on (which is all of them – – iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS).

Joplin is one of the only apps with “true” end to end encryption (E2EE), with keys being stored on-device. Of course, if you use RagtimeCloud with this turned on (which you absolutely should), you don’t have to trust me, your notes are just encrypted data for me to hold and hand back to you.

Would love to hear some feedback on the offering, pricing, features you want to see.


– vados




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