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Hey Product Hunt Family!

I always wanted to be a maker. After being an anonymous PH user for several months and witnessing exciting products launch every day, I am happy to present the #SheetsMoney template as my first ever product!

There are many great products in the Finance space that let you track, manage and analyze your money, but they all come with a few compromises of being nonflexible or inefficient design. With #SheetsMoney, I have tried to make it as beneficial as possible.

???? #SheetsMoney template is genuinely the most beautiful template that I have seen on the internet and this makes it easy to use and worth a try.

The Sheets Money template is based on Google Sheets, and it will help you by being:

???? A Second Reminder – you have to manually enter all the transactions you make, and this exercise acts as a second reminder for you in understanding your earnings and expenditure patterns.

???? A Private & Safe space for Your Family’s Finances – You can add your family members as editors and manage your finances. It is free from all third-party trackers, and only you own your data and can be sure of 100% privacy. No Advertisements. No Popups. No Bullshit. Only Secure #SheetsMoney Template.

???? An Insightful & actionable Finance tool – The template comes with multiple fixed as well as dynamic charts which can be used to understand various financial trends and Insights. The Budget Dashboard gives you information that allows you to gain control of your finances by taking actions concerning your income and expenditure.

???? Ease of access – #SheetsMoney gives you complete power on the grounds of flexibility and accessibility. It lives on Google Drive taking no extra space on your device and can be accessed from any browser of your choice. With minimal internet speed requirements and multi-device functionality, #SheetsMoney is the simplest way to take charge of your finances.

???? I have been working on this product for almost a month and humbly request you to Get the #SheetsMoney template now to take control of your finances and I hope you Sheet a lot of Money with help from this template.

Thank you so much for reading this far!
– Pranav

– Pranav Nawandar




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