Shopped — SMS availability notifications for hyped products.

Hello Product Hunt! I’m the developer of Shopped.

I’ve built Shopped to help people finding themselves interested in products that are difficult to purchase for retail due to them being hyped and having aftermarket value. The resell industry can be difficult to succeed in without learning the world of botting and making friends in the community.

Shopped monitors over 350 sites such as Shopify, Mesh, Supreme, YeezySupply, Footsites, SNKRS, Adidas, and more. We have you covered when you are looking to purchase hyped sneakers or streetwear.

There are also many new products besides sneaker and streetwear that have been starting to resell. Such as PS5s, Xboxes, GPUs, Funkos, and Sports Cards. We have you covered with sites like Target.

Simply subscribe to the products you are wanting on the dashboard and get sent SMS notifications when they become available.

If you are interested, we’ve created a promotional code for a free starting month. Let me know through Intercom if you need any help with onboarding.

Happy Hunting!

– Ethan Zoller




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