Data Cluster Labs — Real world data collection platform for AI projects

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Introducing DataCluster labs, a crowd-sourcing based data collection platform which helps AI companies, researchers and students to fulfill their data needs.

To succeed in any machine algorithm, the first and foremost thing comes is to visualize data. If the data is not robust and clean, there is nothing else we can do to make our ML model learn better. As a ML engineer, we also need to know such data collection platforms which helps us whenever we get stuck by providing the data we want.

Data Cluster labs is based in India. Datacluster Labs differs from other platforms as it focuses on Data Collection through their managed crowd-sourcing platform for various AI projects. They specialize in Image, Video, Audio, and Text data collection and annotation for deep learning. They also have open-sourced their sample datasets on Github and Kaggle.

To download full datasets or to submit a request for your dataset needs, please contact
Visit to know more.

– Kanan Vyas




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