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This is William – Co-Founder of Famli!

As you may have experienced, keeping healthy habits it isn’t always so straight forward in a family! As a parent, time can be very scarce and usually comes with numerous, sometimes overwhelming amounts of responsibilities. For children, healthy living can tend not be as fun and engaging as it should be and can sometimes seem a little bit boring.

We want to change that – Famli is made specifically for families, and will make enhancing the health and happiness of your whole family, fun and simple. With gamification at its core, it is a simple tool available to your family at any time and any place made to everyday life while keeping healthy habits easy and enjoyable!

With Famli you’ll never stress again about what activities to do with your children with 100+ activities for exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Famli focuses on providing a fun and engaging experience, motivating and supporting your children towards improved health.

It’s about time families get the health & fitness solution they deserve, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

– William Testeil




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