FastBee Price Tracker — The all-in-one price tracker for Amazon/Bestbuy/Walmart…

FastBee price tracker and auto checkout bot for Amazon and Walmart

Hey Hunters,

My name is Frank and I am the founder of

⚠️ Have you ever missed a sale? Yeah, that’s a bummer. Until now.

???? The FastBee solves the problem that buyers have while waiting for an item to go on sale on major shopping sites, like amazon, walmart, etc. Especially if you run a small business and do Online Arbitrage, deciding when to buy is essential to your success.

???? FastBee tracks the prices of products you want to buy – when the price changes, you’ll be notified! When the price drops below your target price, it can even place the order for you. So, you can always snag that deal faster than everyone else.

???? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Don’t forget to check us out at and get a special offer for PH lovers!

Thank you, Product Hunters.

– Frank Gml.

Note from MyStackList:

This is epic. If you need to buy anything from Amazon or Walmart and want the best prices, FastBee is changing the game.



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