J[ira]PT-3 — The AI product manager that writes your Jira tickets

As a Product Manager, I want AI to write my Jira tickets so that I can focus on shipping quickly ????

J[ira]PT-3 is your team’s newest AI-powered Product Manager that uses GPT-3 to write user stories and epics. This is the Chrome extension for Product Managers who want to 10X their output ???? or for Developers who want to automate PMs away ????

When prompted with user story “As a ___, I want ___, so that I can ___”, J[ira]PT-3 will create:
– A fully-formed description containing context on the user and their goal
– A clearly-defined set of Acceptance Criteria that outlines the workflow to achieve the user’s goal.

Rather than explaining the product ourselves, this is J[ira]PT-3’s description when prompted by our mission above:

As Product Managers, our job is to bring together developers, designers, and sales reps to build a product that is useful to our users and delivers value to our company. With the help of machine learning and natural language processing, we will be able to use our existing Jira ticket data to train the machine to automatically write tickets that are likely to be accepted by our users. This objective will enable us to increase our ticket throughput while spending less time writing tickets that are likely to be rejected by our users.

Acceptance Criteria
1. GIVEN that I’m a Product Manaer
2. WHEN I start an AI instance
3. WHEN I open a ticket titled “ Product Feature X” AND I assign this ticket to the AI
4. WHEN I describe the problem in the “Description” field AND press the “Save” button
5. THEN the system shows me the first AI generated ticket with the title AND AI generated relevant content
6. WHEN I press the “Save” button on the “Edit Ticket” form
7. THEN the system saves the AI generated ticket

– Taggart Bonham




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